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We are a team of mental health experts creating a safe environment for you to seek professional help when you need it most.

If you or someone close to you has been through a traumatic, life-changing event then we can help to get to the right help for you and your supporters.

Healthgiva cancer support
"I have known Cat for over a year and have been struck by her candidness over her personal experience along with her sincere wish to support patients and their loved ones at such a traumatic time in all of their lives."
Tracey Ryan
Macmillan User Involvement Manager

About HealthGiva

The Healthgiva Wellbeing Trust was set up by Martha English, Cat Perry and Nikki Marley who are the three Trustees. They wanted to provide Mental Health and Wellbeing support to people who have suffered lifechanging events such as cancer.

Martha English

I have worked within the professional healthcare industry for over 15 years using ancient and modern techniques to develop the best ways to help people. Usually, when someone presents a physical symptom, they are given a physical treatment. However, the effects of a serious life-threatening illness or a sudden trauma or shock can affect the client and his or her supporters in other ways. Often, a person’s mental health is not considered and this is what makes me passionate about what I do. The mind, body and soul must be recognised as the person. We are taught that everything in the human body is separate however when they are connected, they work together like a finely tuned orchestra. Only when they are treated together can a person feel the benefit and start the healing process. When I met Cat and Nikki I realised that we were all saying the same thing; we'd had similar experiences. We collected our thoughts and HealthGiva was ‘born’. We are three strong, determined women who believe everyone deserves to be given the tools to help them to health to live life to the optimum.

cat perry HealthGiva

Cat Perry

Bold survivor of Vulva Cancer having been in remission since January 2018. I have worked in Quality Assurance and Compliance for many years and know what Quality looks like. I have a passion for helping people, having worked for charitable organisations, youth organisation, unemployment and educational services ensuring they have access to all that they would need to reach their full potential. I own and run my own business helping smaller and new start up organisations with their everyday quality assurance and legal obligations to remain compliant and so that these systems grow with them as they grow.

Nikki Marley Healthgiva

Nikki Marley

Nikki has worked with adults with learning difficulties, mental health issues, brain injuries and sensory impairment, in residential, community support and supported living settings for 30 years. She is knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience to share from working in the charity sector as well as the care of others with significant needs. Qualified to level 5 in Management and the Preliminary Certificate in Social Care, Nikki brings a practical and pragmatic approach to the Board complementing and adding a vital skill set to the whole team.

Support groups for you in Kent

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our support groups are currently closed due to Covid-19. Please feel free to email us at for advice and we will try to offer suggestions for alternative means of support during this difficult time. Alternatively, chat to us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There are support groups who meet regularly in Hythe and Ashford either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Please get in touch or just stop by. We are here to help and offer advice and support when you need it.

Health Hugs Cancer Support Group Ashford

Our Cancer Support meetings run fortnightly on a Wednesday starting 12th February, 5.30 - 7pm at Metro Bank Ashford, Ashford Town Centre TN24 8SA. Please email for more information.

Health Hugs Cancer Support Group Hythe

Our Cancer Support meetings run fortnightly on a Friday starting 10th January, 10 - 11.30 at Physiologic Hythe, Range Road, Hythe, Kent CT21 6HG. Please email for more information.

"Following surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, I felt no need for support groups, preferring to put the whole experience behind me and get on with life. However, whilst undergoing a course of physiotherapy at Physiologic, I saw a notice about HealthGiva and thought I would try it. I’m so glad I did. The meetings are friendly, informative and uplifting. I’ve made new friends and now see life from a different perspective. Thank you!"
Jennifer Anne Godfrey
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"I was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2018. I spent 6 months mostly in hospital away from my family receiving treatment and returned home in January 2019 once my treatment had finished and I was in remission. The first few months were spent recovering and settling back into home life and eventually I returned to work. After being in the bubble of hospital trying to return to “normal” life was a struggle even with my very supportive family and friends. Although we all went through my illness, we all had very different experiences, so it was hard for us to always understand each other. I was struggling to deal with the emotions that I was feeling. When I found out about the support group, I was apprehensive about attending. Talking to strangers really wasn’t my thing and I did not think I would get anything from it. How wrong was I! From the minute I walked in I felt at ease. Although I felt a little nervous at first, I soon found it easy to start talking and I wanted to share my experience. I felt like I was being listened to and that the others in the group understood how I was feeling as they had been through it too. Every group has been different and each time I have left feeling positive about my future. The group has very quickly become a meeting of friends and I look forward to going each time. "
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HealthGiva Wellbeing Trust

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This one is truly painful! #me #mystrory #cancer #breastcancer